AI is being used in the creation of content by 55% of marketers. - Inexxus

AI is being used in the creation of content by 55% of marketers.

AI is being used in the creation of content by 55% of marketers.

55% of Marketers Harness the Power of AI in Content Creation

The marketing sector is using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to expedite their daily work, according to a recent research by the digital asset management platform Bynder. The report also offers insights into how this technology may be used even more effectively.


Over half (55%) of the respondents to the in-depth study, which included marketers from major international companies like Spotify, Puma, and Five Guys, use AI technologies in their content production workflows at the moment.


The survey found that automating arduous and time-consuming processes including first draft creation (54%), content optimization (43%), spelling and grammar (42%), and paraphrase and summary (38%), is the most prevalent way content teams use AI integrations.


The industry has also been fast to incorporate AI into a variety of daily operations, including as producing attention-grabbing headlines, writing social media posts, and doing research. The report also demonstrates how AI is being utilized to cut down on the amount of time needed for time-consuming SEO chores like translating and creating meta descriptions.


Respondents stressed the significance of utilizing the technology to "enhance" and speed content production processes rather than replace them, despite the fact that the survey emphasizes the industry's use of AI. They proposed that AI may be used to construct chatbots that can help users navigate a website, customise website content based on user behavior and sentiment analysis, and offer content recommendations. Others offered the idea of employing AI to streamline material and produce rudimentary first drafts that can be modified by human teams.

According to one reply, it would be beneficial to teach an AI a company's intended tone of voice, speaker volume, etc. From a larger viewpoint, it could be beneficial to have an AI build and update timelines and revision histories automatically.

Despite the widespread use of the technology, marketers underlined the value of employing AI to enhance content quality rather than only concentrating on cost-saving. Another responder said that instead of relying only on AI, organizations should discover the best possible combination of human talent, experience, and AI.

It's wonderful to see how our clients and marketers in general are utilizing AI to innovate and achieve efficiency, said Warren Daniels, CMO at Bynder. At Bynder, we've been working on AI and automation technologies to speed up and enhance the value of marketers' editorial and creative content. Brands must develop great content experiences in the modern world to stand out, and appropriately utilizing AI technology is making this possible. However, it's imperative for organizations to avoid using AI to take the role of human ingenuity. AI should be integrated into current procedures and seen as a tool to free up teams' time to work on more imaginative projects.

Thorough research, a genuine comprehension of a brand's main themes and tone of voice, and human empathy are still required to produce high-quality content. AI should be employed in a regulated or controlled manner to support, not limit, human innovation.

In conclusion, AI is significantly facilitating marketing activities involving content development, but it is crucial to create a balance between technology and human creativity to produce high-quality outcomes.

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